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Chiang Rai is a very diverse province with it's border connected to 2 other countries; Myanmar & Laos. It is also home to various minorities; Hmong, Meo, Akha, Lahu, and Lisu. This city is also the origin of ancient Lanna Kingdom where King Mengrai rules before establishing his own dynasty in Chiang Mai. There are multiple tourist attractions like the famous White Temple, Doi Tung & Mae Fah Luang Garden, Mae Sai Border, Golden Triangle and etc.
It is a peaceful city with it's own charm, waiting for travelers to explore and experience a unique atmostphere which you can never find anywhere else apart from Chiang Rai.

Q7: Chiang Rai 1 Day: White Temple/Golden Triangle/Maesai/Hot Spring/ Long-Neck Karen, Yao, Hmong, Lahu & Akha Hilltribe Village + Lunch

Time: -
Price: THB 1,600 per pax

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