Soft Stem Oolong (No.17)
Semi-fermented Soft stem Oolong tea, Strong texture with dazling gold color tea soup, has rich flowery fragrance. Its medium taste gives you a mellow long lasting aftertaste.
Ruby Oolong Tea
Fully-fermented Oolong tea, the tea soup has a ruby-like red color, enchanting fruity like scent. its taste is rich but mellow which gives you a sweetish long lasting aftertaste.
Golden Oolong
Dew-drop Oolong
Oriental Beauty Tea
Oriental Beauty Tea is also referred to as white tipped Oolong tea, harvested only tea leaves that are bitten by Aphids. The tea soup has an amber-like red color, enchanting wild honey-like scent, rich and mellow texture.
Four Seasons Oolong Tea
Harvested from the highest area of our tea plantation and known as high mountain tea, has the most superior quality. the high mountains are cool and surrounded by clouds and mist all year long, thus the cultivation of a special “mountain air” gives you strong taste with flower-like aroma.
Sweet Osmanthus Oolong Tea
A perfect blend between dried Osmanthus flower and Oolong tea which give you a sweet flower-like aroma, and a mellow flavor which is what you need after a long day.
Jiao Gu Lan (five leaf ginseng)
Special Selected Oolong Green Tea
Non-fermented Oolong tea, has a delicate aroma and honey green soup color. Its light taste gives you a long lasting aftertaste.
Jinxuan Oolong Tea (No.12)
Semi-fermented Jinxuan Oolong tea, Sparkling gold color tea soup and has a milky-like scent. Its light taste gives you a long lasting aftertaste.
Sticky Rice Oolong Tea
A perfect combination between sticky rice aroma leaf with Oolong tea, strong texture, luscious and very unique aroma. Its medium taste and a scent of Thai jasmine rice gives you relaxation and a flavor like no other.
Ginseng Oolong Tea
A perfect combination between White Ginseng and Oolong tea which gives a nice and sweetish aftertaste.
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