Serving the best quality tea to the market since 1984

Emerald Thai Tea located on Doi Maesalong, Chiangrai province in the Northern region of Thailand. Doi Maesalong located at 1,350 meters above sea level, a perfect altitude for tea plantation. Various types of Oolong cultivar are planted on an iconic part of the mountain. Jinxuan, Softstem, Chingching, Four season, and Green Jade Oolong are some of the teas that Emerald Thai Tea is offering.

The emphasis is placed on every detail and process of tea production, from choosing a piece of land to grow, using water from natural water sources, using non-chemical fertiliser, to harvesting the tea leaf by hand. In order to achieve the best quality of organic Oolong tea.

100% Organic

Certified by USDA and EU Organic by Onecert

High Quality

Only select 1 tip and 2 top leaf by hand plucking


Certified by USDA and EU Organic by Onecert

259 M.3, T.Sannameng, A.Sansai, Chiangmai 50210

Tel: +665 303 8372

Fax: +665 303 8374



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